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February 27th, 2017

04:13 am - Seeking: Illya rebuffs an official in a hospital
I'm looking for a very short fic that I read recently. It may have been new when I read it, but I'm not sure. The plot is roughly as follows:

Illya and Napoleon have just finished a mission in a Eastern Bloc country during which Napoleon was injured. Napoleon is now in the hospital and a local official arrives wanting to interrogate him. Illya manages to turn the official away. I think the story is told from Napoleon's point of view, as he overhears the interaction.

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February 11th, 2017

05:27 pm - Misunderstanding over phone calls?
I'm trying to find a story based on the movie in which Illya thinks that Napoleon has betrayed him because he finds out that Napoleon has been making phone calls to Russia, but it turns out to all have been a misunderstanding because Napoleon was actually just trying to get the recipes for Illya's favorite foods to do something nice for him. I think it has a happy ending but I'm not sure.
Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thank you very much for your help!

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January 6th, 2017

04:37 pm - UNCLE/Mission Impossible crossover
I'm trying to re-find a story that was a MFU/Mission Impossible corssover where the IMF had Illya go undercover in a gulag to get out a scientist.  Can't find it again.

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November 15th, 2016

01:55 pm - Napolean is the boss
Any suggestions for stories that take place after Napolean takes over for Mr. Waverly? Either in the office or more personal stories would be great. Thanks.

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November 12th, 2016

11:45 am - A little help?
Looking for a story about Illya taking care of Napoleon who is terminally ill. He dies and April comforts Illya. A bit fitting for today.

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November 11th, 2016

02:46 pm - Looking for a story
This is a sad day for our fandom, but it has brought me back to LJ after a long absence.

I remember a story where Illya is dying (I think he was caught in an explosion of some sort) and confesses his love to Napoleon. Then he doesn't die. Awkward. Ring a bell with anyone?

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October 13th, 2016


I’m attempting to find someone with a copy of the above-pictured 1992 fanzine called Pillow Talk. Here’s the Fanlore entry on this volume.  The fandoms represented in it are Twin Peaks, MacGyver, 21 Jump Street, Back to the Future, Man From UNCLE, Quantum Leap, Young Guns II, The Hard Way, Edward Scissorhands, and Miami Vice.

If you have this zine (or know someone who does), please contact me via private message.  I’d like a digital scan or photocopy; I’m willing to compensate you for it.  There are a few stories in here in which I have particular interest, but I’d also love to see the whole volume.  Help a fandom historian out?

UPDATE: This story has a happy ending!  Users sparky955 and spikesgirl58 at mfu_canteen on LiveJournal have come through.  Here’s the ordering information for this zine; it does not come up in Google searches:

Buy the zine here:


List of stories within:


Detailed ordering information:


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October 5th, 2016

09:32 pm - Automated Fic Finding
In a villainous bid to put this community out of business, I've set up a Google custom search engine for Man from U.N.C.L.E. fics. Have no fear, though, the computers aren't taking over any time soon.

The search engine is pretty eccentric. The results depend unpredictably on the combination of sites being searched, the hit counts are unreliable, and sometimes the engine fails to find pages that it definitely should (including pages that a general Google search turns up based on the same query). I'm having fun playing with it, though, and I thought some others might enjoy it.


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October 4th, 2016

09:08 pm - Not a specific story
Hi, I've never posted here so not sure I'm doing it right ---------. I'm not looking for a specific story, but rather a type of story. I'd appreciate any suggestions. I'd love to read more stories that include Aunt Amy in them. She's always been interesting to me. Also, any suggestions of stories where N/I are in a relationship that is known and accepted by everyone (April, Mark etc).

Thanks for your time.

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September 3rd, 2016

10:04 pm - Found: Ilya first coming to New York
Hi all,
I am looking for a story where Ilya first arrives at UNCLE New York. The authorities in Russia were not pleased with him and he was tortured in Lubyanka before being sent to New York. Feelings against the commie are running high and a group of (I think) Section 3 staff ambush him in the gym after distracting Napoleon but he fights back successfully. Napoleon tears into them not only for attacking a fellow UNCLE agent but being stupid enough to startle a Section 2 agent. Prior to this Ilya suspected that Napoleon was in on it. I have no idea as to title, author, where I read it or even if it was finished. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Also, were the stories at File40 transferred anywhere in particular or did some fall through the cracks and get lost? Many links to fics in previous replies are to File40 and are no longer valid.

Thanks for your time.

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July 23rd, 2016

06:07 pm - Found: story with time loop
I have a vague memory of reading a story in which one partner (Napoleon, I think) finds himself living the same day over and over, trying and failing to prevent the other partner from being killed. I'm fairly sure it's a gen story.

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June 23rd, 2016

09:24 pm
I read a story slash - where IK went on vacation mandated by AW to San Francisco - NS followed him and once there found out that IK was gay - ended up having a liasion with someone IK had an encounter with.  AW asks NS if he had ever watched a preditor in a zoo - how they paced etc.  That was how IK was which was why he sent IK away.  A very good story.  Any one know what this one is?

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June 2nd, 2016

10:15 pm - Found: pre-canon Illya story
I remember reading a pre-canon story that takes place when Illya still lives in Russia. He has a male friend who is in love with him, and who professes this one day. The profession is picked up by listening devices, and comes to the attention of Illya's surpirior officer who is also the friend's father (or maybe step-father).

[More plot (spoilers)]Illya's surperior then orders him to kill his friend. Illya tries to arrange for his friend to flee the country, but his friend refuses, due to the puosition it would put Illya in, I think. So Illya goes through with it, and it is super sad.

Anyone recognize this?

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May 22nd, 2016

11:41 am - Looking for title
I can't believe I forgot the title to this - does anyone remember the story where Illya and Napolean have to meet a scientist who is defecting from Thrush, and I think it takes place in Belgium. I remember a truck, and in the end there was a gun with a tracer in it so Thrush could follow them. Thank you!

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May 11th, 2016

10:40 am - Illya flying plane
I read a story (probably zine) where Illya is new to UNCLE. Napoleon shows him around and at some point they see the special aircraft. Napoleon takes Illya up (showing off to the rookie) and magnanimously allows Illya to take the controls. Illya does a lot of clever, hair-raising turns and loops! He finally confesses that he was a test pilot since he was quite young. (I'm thinking it may have been for his father, but I'm not sure.)
A challenge here!
(Edited to add) I think it may also be slash, but not sure (if it is, it was not graphic).

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March 24th, 2016

07:09 pm - One more hunt..Napoleon's father is a bad evil man
I am not sure if it is slash or gen. I just remember that Napoleon's father visits and he unlike Ilya and Mr. Waverly do not know how bad he is. He wants to join THRUSH and he wants Napoleon to leave UNCLE and join THRUSH with him. I think THRUSH made it is requirement for his father to get in. I also think his father tries to kill Ilya who he does not like... It ends well, but I do not remember exactly how it ends.. Thank you in advance...


Like Father Like Son Affair by Alison Jacobs.. The link is in the comments... : )n

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04:53 am - Looking for a lost fic after computer crash : (
I remember everything but the name and I have tried to google and cannot find... : ( NS/IK are lovers and they go to a Solo family wedding. No one knows.. Men who look alike keep trying to kill them once on a beach and once in steam room. It turns out it is female Solo relative who is nuts and wants the penthouse and money because her life as an actress is not working out. She tried to blackmail Napoleon and she breaks down. Napoleon commits her... It ends with him coming out to his family and going to a family party with Ilya. It goes well and ends well. It is not a short one and maybe 2 parts... Thanks in advance for anyone who knows it... It is driving me crazy....

FOUND: The Family Affair... see comments for link and info....

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February 6th, 2016

07:55 pm - Hurt, illness, injury, etc Illya
Can anyone rec me some very well written and preferably long fics where Illya is injured, serious illnes, etc? It can be slashs or het.

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January 4th, 2016

01:02 am - Looking for a Slash Story
Illya is partnered with Napoleon Solo professionally and personally, but only Mr. Waverly knows that Illya used to be used as a "honey trap."  I don't know if I'm mixing up two stories, but I remember that UNCLE had a secret Section Thirteen whose agents used their sexuality to accomplish missions.  Someone in UNCLE finds out about Illya's involvement and blackmails him into a sexual relationship.  Illya gives in for a while, but when he balks, this man literally throws him out of his apartment almost completely naked.  Shamed, Illya walks to Napoleon's place and tells him about his past.  Napoleon is angry and feels lied to and throws Illya out in the rain.  He realizes how wrong he is and brings Illya back inside.

Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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November 10th, 2015

10:27 pm - Looking for a story

I'm looking for a slash story that I think was based on the episode 'The Nowhere Affair' in which Napoleon takes a drug that gives him temporary amnesia. Thrush makes one of their girls, Mara, get close to Solo thinking that since he's such a ladies man, she might get him to remember. Only in the story it's Illya and not Mara that ends up with Napoleon. Ring any bells?

Thanks in advance.

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