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I remember a story (or series of stories) about Illya and April. The aspect I remember is that Illya and April go together to a dance, Napoleon's and Mark's dates try to get Illya's attention. Mr. Wavery dances with April and Illya with Mrs. Waverly. Illya doesn't wear a tie with his tux but pulls it off, catching everyone's attention.

Looking for ‘death’ fic

I read it online somewhere, but can’t remember title, author, or where.
Anyway, it’s an ‘after death’ fic which takes place after a mission gone bad and they’re killed by Thrush with a gun. The story itself really deals with after...
They were being processed (red tape everywhere I guess), and at one point they saw Waverly.
I believe it’s a gen story.

Looking for story with Miki (Her Masters Voice)

The story I’m looking for in post-series where Illya is teaching in NYC and staying in Napoleon’s place. He’s being watched regularly. Napoleon is in some kind of psychiatric facility.

Meanwhile, Illya and Miki meet unexpectedly and discuss a recent physics book (she’s more grown up and tutors, I think). Eventually, back at the apartment, Illya gets a call from one of Napoleon’s nurses saying he’s missing.

Not sure if this is only from a zine...
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Slash Story

One of my favorites but I can't find it. Napoleon and Illya split up going to a safe house owned by an old friend of Napoleon's. Napoleon is injured and his friend sews up the injury on his back, Illya sees this through the window from up on a hill and thinks Napoleon and his friend are having sex. Illya is mad and hurt even though he and Napoleon are not lovers. Illya gets to the house and is angry at everyone.

Nowhere Affair...

I’m looking for couple of pre-slash/slash fics based on ‘The Nowhere Affair.’

The first is one where the name that comes up in the program is Illya. When Illya is captured he is told he has to seduce Napoleon (to break the amnesia drug) or else...
Not sure if this is only from a zine, but I think it may be online, too.

The second one is where Illya is aware of the (obvious) similarities between Mara and himself, but Napoleon is oblivious. He refuses to discuss it and Napoleon finally goes to Teurtonian to find out what has his partner so aggrieved.

Hoping someone recognizes these!
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Napoleon up all day fic?

Hi! Does anyone know of the fic where Napoleon is on a separate mission and has to take a stimulant like drug to stay awake and when he meets up with Illya (in like a winter cabin?), he can’t sleep/relax and they have sex (slash obvs) to help wear out Napoleon?

Another ‘time machine’ story

I’m looking for an au story where War is imminent and Illya is (or is about to be) recalled. Napoleon is devastated and doesn’t want his partner to go. Waverly has a solution of sorts— to put his best agents in some kind of suspended animation!

It’s not ‘The Man From Yesterday’ by Darklady (which is slash and a good long read), but aside from that, I don’t know!

Looking for ‘time machine’ story

I’m looking for a story where some kind of time machine (or something), is being used in flashes.

Napoleon is experiencing weird and frighteningly real nightmares involving his partner getting killed in a warehouse collapse.

It may be slash. Also, it’s a longer story rather than a shorter one, but that could be because I seem to remember it being posted in sections as in LiveJournal.

Hope this is enough information to find this one!