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November 19th, 2018

04:59 pm - Searching the gunmetal gray halls
I've been looking for a odd short story I read last year where Illya doesn't realize how badly he's injured after a mission, and gets taken home to his apartment and left there alone by Mark. Napoleon has gone off on a date, but he can't concentrate and decides to call and check his partner. I can't remember how it ends and it's driving me crazy!

I've actually been looking a long time. It may have been on Gunmetal Madhouse, since I like to use their random stories feature. Thank you and I'm so glad someone is still out there!

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November 8th, 2018

10:29 pm - A Request and a Question
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

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October 6th, 2018

03:59 pm - Help! I'm Looking for a Story!
I post gen and slash tales in the "MFU Short Stories" community 3 days a week and since this is October, I was looking for spooky stories.

There is a slash (I think) story that involves Napoleon being haunted by something that is trying to either kill him or take his soul.  The climax of the story is Illya screaming at this thing that Napoleon's soul is not Napoleon's to give; it belongs to him; he paid for it with his blood and sweat.

Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?

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August 6th, 2018

10:53 pm - I can't believe I can't remember the title....
I just finished rewatching the Nowhere Affair, and everytime I watch it, I want to reread the story where Napoleon realizes that he's not in love with the Thrush scientist (who is being sent to London and is sure Napoleon will go with her), but with Illya. Can anyone help me out with the title? 

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July 7th, 2018

01:11 am - Seeking recs -- Illya as comforter
So the majority of hurt/comfort fics in this fandom cast Illya as the hurt character and Napoleon as the comforting character. What are people's favorite fics that do it the other way around?

Not many examples spring to mind from among my favorites (hence this post). Part of AconitumNapellus's Ice and Fire definitely fits the bill. There are also shadings of this dynamic in Cord Smithee's Spiderweb and its companion All the Kasha They Could Eat by Jest. Nix's The Mirror, Mirror Affair may also be a good fic for the list, though I've only read bits of that one.

What others have you folks enjoyed?

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April 13th, 2018

06:30 pm - Looking for first time slash fic
I read this a while ago, but can’t find it. It was a fun story where Illya enters the Canteen and goes over to Napoleon to say something about a rule being rescinded before giving him the mother of all kisses (to the shock/amusement of the other UNCLE personnel)!

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April 6th, 2018

04:49 pm - Slash story
I'm looking for a slash story about THRUSH creating mechanical locusts, NS and IK sent to investigate and NS getting jealous of IK and the character Mike Donefield.

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January 24th, 2018

12:37 pm - A little help?
Looking for a wonderful story called "A Little Thing Called Empathy."(corrected) Anyone know where I can find it?

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November 20th, 2017

10:22 am - Ireland
Just back from a trip to Dublin, and wondering - are there any MFU stories set in Ireland? 

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September 15th, 2017

09:52 pm
Does anyone remember the name of the story where Napoleon has been captured by Thrush and taken Capsule B; he escapes and Illya finds him on his boat? 

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August 17th, 2017

10:27 pm - Illya and Napoleon interrogated fic
Hey, I'm looking for fic for the 2015 MFU movie - Illya and Napoleon are captured and being interrogated, and one of their captors shoots Illya in the knee. He's about to shoot Illya again but Napoleon gets free first and takes out the baddies. If anyone knows the fic I would be so indebted!

Also , any recs for hurt Illya stories are loved. :)

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August 11th, 2017

12:47 am - Seeking Recommendations -- Queer-themed Non-slash
I'm looking for recommendations of stories in which Illya or/and Napoleon is gay or bisexual, but they are not involved with each other AND neither wishes that they were (at least not to the point that it's a main theme of the fic).

Examples I know of are:

Salem by Evan Nicholas
The Blind Eye Affair by Evan Nicholas
Betrayal and Redemption by Xanthippe

[The first two are favorites of mine. The last is not but does fall into the category.]


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August 7th, 2017

11:33 am - Lost story
Hello everyone! I'm new to this fandom, although I've been writing and reading fan fiction on ao3 for years, and I'm completely blown away by the sheer wackiness - it's fabulous! I'd be very grateful for your assistance. I'm looking for a particular gen story, quite long, set (I think) in a New Orleans Thrush satrapy. The central character is the head man's adolescent daughter who learns by eavesdropping on her father that he had her mother tortured to death some years ago. The girl "cries her last cry" (I remember that turn of phrase) and sets out to destroy her father and the rest of her extremely unpleasant family. Cue Napoleon and Illya in search of the latest nefarious Thrush weapon. Identical twin bar tenders and a drug that compels emotions feature. There's an amusing scene when the girl throws her father off the scent by announcing her and Napoleon's intended marriage (she's only about 14). The story ends with Illya finding a useful semantic loophole in his emotional coercion and Napoleon being hit on by both of the twins (shenanigans happen offstage however!)

I hope someone recognises something in the above as it's been driving me nuts for the last couple of weeks. Thank you in advance.

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August 3rd, 2017

10:11 pm - Illya shoots Napoleon to get the disk
Hi everybody!
I'm not looking for a particular fic, just trying to find out if there are any fics out there where Illya actually shoots Napoleon, or shoots at Napoleon, or just tries to retrieve the disk from him in that hotel room.
Obviously, movie-verse
Any ideas?

Also, any fics where one of them has to turn against the other for some reason would be welcome!

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July 20th, 2017

08:46 pm - "ROSES"


Does anyone have a copy of ROSES by Jane Milander?

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July 2nd, 2017

Thanks for the reply, but, it's the one where Illya is hurt and near desth. Napoleon finds him under strange circumstances.
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July 1st, 2017


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June 2nd, 2017

04:01 pm - UNCLE TV
Can't find a story I've read and enjoyed several times.  Not sure who it's by, the title etc.  In it Napoleon is having lunch in the commisary with an old CIA friend talking over old times.  In their conversations NS discovers that an old co-worker (and partner to his old friend) was killed by the KGB while in Berlin.  Illya enters and the CIA guy goes nuts as IK was the KGB agent who killed his partner.  The story follows the aftermath of that revealation.  It's a short story but quite good.  Does anyone know what this is?

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May 20th, 2017

01:47 am - Napoleon has Altzheimers
Napoleon is in a nursing home and every week Ilya visits him and they play chess even though N. doesn't know him.  The kick in the pants comes at the end when Illya leaves.  He's standing outside the home and pulls out a note giving him the directions to home.  It's terribly sad. I read it several years ago and would like to read it again.

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May 14th, 2017

12:20 am - Napoleon thought dead fic
Hi, first time posting so I hope I'm doing this right. I'm looking for a fic where Napoleon is captured by some baddies and experimented on. The doctor injected some kind of paralyzing agent in him a few minutes before Illya stormed in and killed everyone. Illya discovers Napoleon's still figure on a slab, whose eyes are open. He tries waking him up but of course, Napoleon can't even move his eyes to indicate he was alive and conscious. Napoleon can only watch as Illya starts breaking down, thinking the other man dead. Illya was cloaking stuff like "He's still warm," thinking if he'd been faster, he could've save Napoleon. Illya called the other "Napolyusha" or something along those lines. Then, of course, the Russian figured out Napoleon was just drugged and took care of Napoleon until he regained the use of his limbs. I specifically remember Illya taping Napoleon's eyes shut and reading to him a book of some kind.

I remember so many details but the keywords produced nothing for me. I know I read in AO3, and it's no longer than 10K words probably. The whole fic is entirely in Napoleon's POV.

Knowing me, it's at least pre-slash Napollya.

TLDR: Solo has been drugged by a paralyzing agent and Illya initially thinks he's dead.

Any help is appreciated! :D

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