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The Evergreen Affair by DVS now available as PDF

OK, The Evergreen Affair is scanned in and DVS has given direct permission to share it with any readers who would like a copy. If you would, please ping me or email me and I will send you the PDF. All it requires is Acrobat Reader, which is free, to read.

I'm going to try to put in some bookmarks to make the table of contents more user friendly.

Also, if anyone knows a way to upload a PDF to AO3, please advise. DVS would like that to happen if possible.


Slash story... club?

I’m looking for a couple of slash stories.

One has Napoleon inviting Illya to dinner at a ‘special’ gentleman’s club (I seem to recall the membership was given to him by his grandfather). Also, Napoleon was worried about his partner learning what kind of place it was—or something like that.

The other story is a short one. It also involves a ‘gentleman’s’ club, but here Illya is, I think, invited to join. There is a part where he’s being measured for a kilt and has to be on his knees to make the hem right...

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Anyone know?

Hi! I’m trying to remember a slash story where Illya is in medical, I think his leg might also be in a cast, and Napoleon is sleeping in a chair. Illya wakes up to see this and gets out of bed to lay on Napoleon since “he’s his favorite pillow” and Napoleon wakes up and says he knows about how soft he is, but it’s havoc on his back in the chair?
Please help! It’s driving me insane.

Seeking Slash Story

Hi! Looking for a slash story where Illya is moving into a new apartment (after recently being released from Medical) with Napoleon’s help. There’s a brief reference to ‘The Pillars of Salt Affair’ from the magazine. There was also something about the new apartment having huge, arched windows (I know—but I love old buildings, so...).
Does anyone know this one?

Seeking: Another Obscure One

So, I have a sketchy memory of reading part of a fic in which we are told that Illya knows, for mystical gypsy reasons, that he "will die an old man but completely alone," or something to that effect. (I don't think I have the wording right, because I can't turn up the fic using string searches.) That's all I remember, but I keep thinking of it, wondering how that element was used in the story. Ring any bells for anyone?