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So I’m looking for a fic I read a few years ago it starts with Severus getting ready to go back to Hogwarts, and think about how difficult his life is now that he’s about 3 months pregnant. Later is revealed that he found a strange room hidden in Hogwarts and Sirius stumbles in drunk , and rapes him. At first he deals with this on his own , but later a house elf at Hogwarts helps him out. He ends up having to move in that room just because he needs to hide so no one realizes he’s pregnant. Sirius see him though and realizes what he did, and they agree to raise the baby together. Severus gives birth to a baby boy, and he and Sirius move into together and start a relationship. Peter is evil still and tells Voldemort who decides he wants a child. He kidnaps Severus and rapes him . When James and Sirius rescue him they find out he’s pregnant again. In the epilogue he and Sirius are still together raising both kids, they both love each kid even if they know there’s a chance the youngest might not be Sirius’s child

Seeking: Illya joins Thrush, injures Napoleon

I'm trying to find the story in which Illya is pretending to have defected to Thrush and has to interact with Napoleon in his undercover role after Napoleon is captured. He harms him in several ways, including breaking his arm, and ends by pretending to shoot him while only grazing him with the bullet. Later Illya has nightmares that his aim was faulty and he actually did shoot Napoleon.

I think it is a gen story, but I'm not at all sure.
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Slash Fic

I'm trying to find a fic where Napoleon is disfigured by acid in his face, he turnes to Illya more and more feeling insecure about going out with women.
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Looking for a fic... NS/IK

It has been a while for me in this fandom.. but this is driving me nuts... Illya and Napoleon go to visit his family in Key West and it turns out Napoleon's dead wife was originally dating his brother and killed herself or something close to it. His brother is of course hostile. His parents were very nice and he had a sister... Thank you in advance if you remember this one...

FOUND BY frau_flora! See Comments!!
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Napoleon seduces Illya as a bet


This has been driving me mad for a while.

As far as I can remember Napoleon is pre CEA & posted to London UNCLE. His "friends" there bet him he can seduce any blonde & the blond they choose is Illya. I think Illya isn't in Section 2 & Napoleon's never met him before. It all goes pear shaped & Napoleon betrays Illya's trust really badly.

Then years later when Napoleon is CEA at New York, Illya's assigned to be his partner. He's never forgiven Napoleon & never lets him forget it.

It was quite a long story & I have no idea where I read it. I've tried File 40 & Chrome & Metal, but can't find it.

Any assistance would be hugely appreciated. Thank you.

Help me find this fic, please

EDIT: Found it!!!

Hi everyone!
Quite some time ago I  have read a fanfiction on AO3. I think it had multiple chapters or it was a  part of a series.
I can't remember how it started but some pieces are stuck in my mind. I  remember it started as a one-sided love from Napoleon. I think he even  told Illya but he turned him down and then I specifically remember a  scene where they are at a hotel (maybe) and Illya is drunk and tries to  hit on Napoleon, telling him he would sleep with basically everything  that moves so why won't he sleep with him now. Napoleon then slaps him  and tells him that with Illya it would never be like that.
I know it's not much and basically it tells nothing but I can't seem to  find it. If someone knows name of the fanfic, could you please write the  name in the comment below? I am really desperate.

Thank you.

Looking for some stories

Hello everyone!  I hope you're all doing well.

I am looking for some stories, but not any one story in particular.  Rather, I am looking for any good hurt/comfort stories where Illya is the one injured/sick/whatever and Napoleon is the one offering the comfort.  I know there's a lot of them out there and I've read some, but was wondering if any of you had specific recommendations for stories and where to find them.  I love angst as well. 

Thanks so much in advance!